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OpenFire IM

Over a million businesses trust Openfire to power their real-time collaboration. This award-winning, cross-platform application makes it simple and powerful to add enterprise-class instant messaging that "just works" to your company. 

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Collaboration tools make it easier to join co-workers across organizational and geographical lines so they can work together on projects, documents and other tasks. Although many collaboration tasks can be accomplished with synchronous tools, such as instant messaging and file sharing, when your contact goes offline, the work stops. In contrast, Web-based, asynchronous workspaces let you continue the work when you're alone and let others pick up where you left off.

Red Square Technologies offers following collaboration solutions:

Enterprise instant messaging

Instant Messaging has evolved into a useful business productivity and communications tool. An enterprise IM system helps ensure security and privacy, increases manageability, and its messages cost less than phone calls.

Google Apps for Business

If you are looking for simple, powerful communication and collaboration tools for your organization without the usual hassle and cost then Google Apps can be the just the right answer.