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Over a million businesses trust Openfire to power their real-time collaboration. This award-winning, cross-platform application makes it simple and powerful to add enterprise-class instant messaging that "just works" to your company. 

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Enterprise instant messaging

Instant messaging got its start as a personal communications tool. It quickly spread to the office under IT's radar, where co-workers downloaded free services, such as AIM, Yahoo and MSN, and found them convenient for exchanging information (and chatting). Now IM has evolved into a useful business productivity and communications tool. An enterprise system helps ensure security and privacy, increases manageability, and its messages cost less than phone calls.

Security was once the main barrier to enterprise IM deployment, but today's suites support full encryption and authenticate against your existing systems. Plus, they typically support a version of directory services.

Red Square Technologies is proud to offer Jive Software OpenFire real-time collaboration server. We can:

  • Provide you with detailed report on how you can benefit from implementing OpenFire
  • Setup and configure OpenFire installation
  • Integrate OpenFire with existing systems (Windows AD Servers, Linux LDAP servers)
  • Provide user training
  • Maintain OpenFire server (updates and patches)

Below is the quick overview of some OpenFire features. For more details feel free to look at Jive Software website


Connect to the right person in real-time using Fastpath

  • Satisfy your customers quickly by adding Fastpath's rich web client to your website.
  • Route requests to available experts within a designated workgroup such as Sales or Support. Customize routing and queueing rules for incoming requests, such as by language or product type, to ensure that requests are always sent to the right person.
  • Find the right expert to answer a question internally. Fastpath is a perfect solution for employee to employee requests.
  • Transfer chats to individuals, workgroups and queues to ensure the chat session gets to the ideal person or department. Or, invite others into the conversation either within the company or any organization you're connected to.
  • Speed time to resolution by co-browsing with the customer, sending canned responses, taking notes on a chat session and viewing a chat history with returning customers.
  • Send transcripts of chat sessions to customers for their records.

Connect to the public IM networks without giving up archiving and control

  • Maintain the archiving and control available with Openfire while chatting with members of Yahoo, AIM, ICQ, and MSN using Spark or any other XMPP client that supports gateways.
  • Control which users and groups can connect to each public network with fine-grained permissions through the Openfire administration console.
  • Archive the messages to and from the public network with the Enterprise Edition.

Conversation archiving on a server

  • Comply with HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley and other compliance regulations.
  • Search through the conversation archives quickly by user, date range and content.

Client control

  • Control the features allowed by the user's IM client such as file transfer, message broadcasting or group chat.
  • Authorize only those client applications you choose to allow to connect to your server.