Red Square Technologies

OpenFire IM

Over a million businesses trust Openfire to power their real-time collaboration. This award-winning, cross-platform application makes it simple and powerful to add enterprise-class instant messaging that "just works" to your company. 

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The right technology can help your business with everyday activities in core areas such as marketing, finance, productivity, management, and operations.

You can use Red Square Technologies knowledge and experience to make your business more productive, efficient, responsive, competitive and as a result more profitable.

Voice over IP

Today's businesses need a lot more than just the ability to make and receive calls when it comes to their communication requirements. With a definite change in the way companies function and evolving business scenario, it has become imperative to implement VoIP solutions if you want to earn profits and have a successful and steady run in a long term. 



Collaboration tools make it easier to join co-workers across organizational and geographical lines so they can work together on projects, documents and other tasks. Although many collaboration tasks can be accomplished with synchronous tools, such as instant messaging and file sharing, when your contact goes offline, the work stops. In contrast, Web-based, asynchronous workspaces let you continue the work when you're alone and let others pick up where you left off.

Windows Servers

Windows Small Business Server 2003 is an advanced IT solution designed to help you protect your data, do more with less, and connect with customers like never before. SBS 2003 provides small businesses with many of the features used by large companies - all in one affordable, integrated solution.


Storage systems

The growth of your business is exciting, but also challenging. Managing your data through this growth is as important as managing your business. Your valuable data assets need to be accessible, reliable, and secure. With our custom-built storage solutions, you can easily and effectively manage your business data while keeping it protected.