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Network Attached Storage

Network Attached Storage (NAS) device attaches directly to the network and connects to servers on the LAN via standard Ethernet switches.

ImageUsing its Ethernet connection to the LAN, a NAS device supports the storage needs for many clients connected to the LAN. Comparing to Direct Access Storage (DAS) NAS storage systems are limited in terms of their volume management and sometimes performance.

Red Square Technologies offers Linksys NAS servers. Linksys NSS series brings robust NAS (Network Attached Storage) within reach of today’s budget-minded workgroups and small businesses. They are ideal for storing, backing up, sharing and archiving critical information. The feature set of the NSS series set it apart from entry level, desktop NAS systems, while at the same time its competitive pricing gives small businesses the opportunity to realize substantial cost savings when compared with more expensive storage systems.

Unlike other NAS systems, that need to contain operating system software on one or more hard drives in a NAS system, each Linksys NSS product features a unique and intelligent chassis that contains the Linux OS that controls it. This gives the NSS system added stability and reliability, as well as the flexibility to be configured without connected drives or reconfigured at any time - even hot swapping and resorting hard drives to different storage bays. This flexible architecture makes the Linksys Business Series NSS series ideally suited for budget-conscious companies that are constantly growing and evolving.

Linksys Business Series NSS products are also Linksys One Ready. That means they include the necessary firmware to be integrated into a Linksys One data or data/voice network.

Key Features:

  • Easy to manage
  • Heterogeneous data storage through multiple file system support (ex. NFS, CIFS, HTTP and FTP, etc.)
  • Thin server devices optimized for file input/output over a network
  • Provides data protection through RAID, software tools, and redundant hardware components
  • Removes file serving function from general purpose servers

Depending on number of users that will simultaneously access storage we offer two different models of NAS servers:

  • Linksys NSS4000 - Supports up to 15 users. Base system starting from $899
  • Linksys NSS6000 - Suppors up to 75 users, advanced encryption and virtualization features. Starting from $1099
Please note that prices do not include cost of hard drives.