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Over a million businesses trust Openfire to power their real-time collaboration. This award-winning, cross-platform application makes it simple and powerful to add enterprise-class instant messaging that "just works" to your company. 

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Business VoIP Gateways

What is it?

Many companies still have separate voice and data networks but would like to take advantage of the benefits of using Internet Telephony without giving up their current phone system. The easiest option is to use VoIP gateway.

ImageVoIP gateways translate calls placed through the public switched telephone network (PSTN) - the "regular" telephone system - into digital data packets that are compatible with a business VoIP system.

What will it do for my business?

VoIP Gateways can reduce business phone bills and can truly improve business efficiency. They support analog and digital interfaces like T1 lines.

  • Gateways can operate transparently between a PBX, the existing PSTN connection, the enterprise wide area network and Internet Telephony Service Provider
  • Provide fail safe telephony
  • Have proven interoperability with all major PBX systems
  • No upgrade or reprogramming of existing PBX and telephone equipment necessary
  • No user retraining required
  • Call quality assured through open standards

I want to know more about it.

VoIP gateways are available to cater for different sized companies according to the number of simultaneous conversations that would typically take place: from basic 1-2 line Linksys adapters up to 48-line advanced Vegastream units with T1 connectivity.

If you are interested and would like to find out more about VoIP gateways please contact us.
You can also find additional information on Vegastream or Linksys websites.