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Linksys One

Linksys One is an affordable solution for small business that provides voice, data, video, security, wireless and storage capabilities that integrate easily with business applications to enable businesses  to communicate, collaborate, and compete

Linksys One

ImageLinksys One is a unique small business system that integrates data networking, and low-cost Voice-over-IP (VoIP) service, with applications and other business services into one simple solution. It can be customized to your company’s specific requirements. It can grow as your business grows with additional Linksys One products that instantly connect to your network. 

The Linksys One solution is available from Linksys certified partners. Hosted Solution Providers (HSPs) provide Internet connectivity, IP voice services and other applications over a broadband connection. Value Added Resellers (VARs) provide the Linksys One data networking or VoIP phone equipment to be quickly installed at your business site.

The Linksys One solution offers a new way for businesses to reach and serve their customers. With Linksys One, your business gets more than just state-of-the-art networking or communications system, it also gets:

  • Secure access – anytime, anywhere – to voice, video, data and wireless networking in an affordable, complete system that delivers more effective and efficient communications.
  • Dramatic savings around simple things like adds, moves, and changes, in addition to new easy to use technologies and features like security, VPNs between multiple sites and storage that can be deployed when the business is ready.
  • Flexibility to benefit from hosted business applications and partner services that can streamline business processes in marketing, sales, training and support.

One source for technology solutions and support delivered through a trusted local partner provides greater flexibility, savings and reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to help your company to grow and run more efficiently.

Now there’s one solution for your business communication needs – Linksys One.

One Easy Installation

With Linksys One, installation is quick and simple. It begins with a Linksys One Services Router – an all-in-one box that instantly recognizes and includes other Linksys One and Linksys One Ready devices (Phones, Switches and Network Storage Systems) when they are connected to it. In a matter of minutes, the Services Router and its connected devices can be activated and configured through an established broadband connection, so you can get right down to business.

One Trusted Source for Data Networking

With Linksys One, you no longer need to source data networking products and VoIP service offerings from different companies. A Linksys One VAR is ready to connect your employees’ workstations and Linksys One devices such as phones and storage systems, and to proactively manage your network (locally and remotely) – giving you the option to focus on your business rather than staffing up IT resources.

One Trusted Source for Internet and IP Voice Services

With a Linksys One solution, your company also has a single trusted source for low-cost, Internet connectivity, VoIP phone service, or other business-critical applications and services – your Linksys One Hosted Service Provider. Each Linksys One HSP maintains equipment that monitors, manages and updates your Linksys One system to ensure continued reliability and security. Your HSP can also offer you additional applications or services to help you run your company more efficiently and more competitively.

One Network Your Business Can Count On

This unique technology leverages years of Cisco and Linksys experience in building secure voice and data networks. With Linksys One your company gets the same calling quality it has come to expect from traditional phone services but now with additional calling features and a platform to easily deploy productivity-enhancing applications. And Linksys One Ready high-speed Switches and Network Storage System products are designed to scale to connect all the employees in your small business.

One Solution That Grows as Your Business Grows

As your small business grows, your Linksys One solution can grow with it. There are flexible options to add telephony, or to deploy more than telephony such as a better data network with integrated security, wireless and storage systems. Working with your HSP or VAR, your business can connect additional Linksys One VoIP phones for new employees, deploy additional Linksys One Ready Network Storage System units or Switches in just minutes.

Linksys One lets you excel in today’s fast-paced marketplace and gives your business the agility it needs to innovate continuously, adapt quickly, and grow successfully.